Underground reading

There are times when the book can tell a lot about a person.
For several years Urit Ben-Haim pictures of passengers reading the New York subway. It is here that live and coexist with each other, people not only of different looks and social status, but also with a variety of readers' tastes. About the preferences of ordinary Americans in the literature and described in the project photographer. After reviewing dozens of photos, you will be surprised at the hands of the people of New York works of some Russian classics: Tolstoy, Nabokov, Bulgakov, Dostoevsky, and even Harms.
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The most beautiful places on Earth

Moving around the planet, you begin to feel alive and full of energy, and going back to work - head buzzing from the thoughts and ideas. New places and by the very nature of the masterpieces of beauty inspire and help to escape from the daily professional routine. Enough to take a week or two vacation and just go, watch and listen.
And if you can not live to travel, you can take a virtual tour of the most beautiful places on the planet. Traditionally tourists choose to visit the most hyped places. A less known or inaccessible natural and architectural attractions visited by only a few. Although some of them are definitely worth a visit at least once in their lives.

The slope of the Coyote Buttes, Arizona

Preachers Rock, Pulpit, Norway

Blue Caves - Zakynthos, Greece

Places that must be visited while you are alive

Travel - it's a great way to break the rhythm of the ill-fated affairs and duties, replacing the usual emotions bright and fresh impressions; priceless acquire new knowledge and to overcome writer's block.
Monotonous sitting in the office, traffic, lack of sleep, prolonged cold - rapidly reinforce the idea of ​​the holiday, giving rise to the head of dreams and plans for travel.
It should be noted that every year less and less tourism stays in the status and prestige of the fashion culture, and becomes an opportunity for cultural and spiritual development. Many people do not choose the place according to the principle "that was not ashamed to tell a friend", but the real gems are selected for their souls.
In this interesting world, there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful, amazing places. Often, the most interesting sites and attractions are very far away. Take AdMe.ru with a fascinating tour of the top ten most beautiful and unusual places in the world. And let this be a virtual journey, but maybe that's it in the future will inspire real.

"Tunnel of Love" Klevan, Ukraine
"Tunnel of Love" in Klevan called a natural fence of trees and bushes that grew over the railroad tracks near the station "Klevan" very unusual way. At some point, the authorities have stopped prune trees, and thick crown formed a makeshift grotto. So, if you are in love, then travel to the "Tunnel of Love" together. And beware of the train, because in spite of the rumors that w / d has no effect on the picture, there is a train on the network.

Island in the form of a heart, Queensland, Australia

Best photos of the Hubble Space Telescope

Celebrates its 23 th anniversary, the Hubble Space Telescope sends us into an incredibly beautiful journey through the universe.
With Hubble's people were able to overcome a distance of millions of light years to see what has never been available to the human eye. Previously unheard of distant galaxies and nebulae, stars are born and die amaze with its diversity, are pushing to dream of distant travels. Fabulous scenery of star dust and gas clouds offer us stunning in its beauty, the mysterious phenomenon.
Present to you the best pictures taken by space telescope, which to this day gives us the secrets of the space.

Horsehead Nebula
Hubble team annually produces stunning photos to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of the space telescope April 24, 1990. This time they presented to the world famous photograph of the nebula "Horse Head", which is in the constellation of Orion in 1500 light years from Earth
Hubble Space Telescope

NGC 5194
This large galaxy may have been the original spiral nebula. It is clearly seen that her arms and dust lanes pass in front of a satellite galaxy (left). This pair is located about 31 million light years and officially belongs to the small constellation Canes Venatici.
Hubble Space Telescope

Spiral Galaxy M33
The average-sized galaxy M33 is also called the Triangulum galaxy by the name of the constellation in which it is located. It is about 4 times smaller in radius than our Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy. M33 is located close to the Milky Way, its angular size is twice the size of the full Moon, and it is perfectly visible in good binoculars.
Hubble Space Telescope

The best breakfasts of the world

In every country breakfasts can be so different.
What dishes prefer to use as a morning meal in different parts of the world decided to learn Philpot Victoria (Victoria Philpott), creating a project "50 best breakfast of the world." Friends from different countries sent her photos and recipes of their breakfast, of which Victoria was a kind of gastronomic world map. Now we have opened the possibility of a culinary journey to different corners of our planet. Bon appetit!
Breakfast in Turkey

Breakfast in France

Breakfast in the Philippines

Sweetly dreams newborns

Photographer Tracy Raver shoots in his studio sleeping infants under the age of 1 month.
Tracy calls his dream job and a pleasure. Spending countless hours in the studio with a full and peacefully asleep crumbs and their parents, the photographer gets an incredible pleasure and positive emotions.
Tracy Raver working in the studio of his twin sister, which provides all the necessary conditions for newborns and their mothers, as well as a huge collection of hats, scarves, shawls and baskets. All newborns are only shoot in natural lighting. In the photos, permeated with tenderness, crumbs asleep in baskets, socks, dishes and other unexpected places.
Tracy Raver - very the demand of photographer. To get to her mom have to make a photo session at the beginning of their pregnancy.
Sweetly dreams newborns

Sweetly dreams newborns

Sweetly dreams newborns

Swim, baby!

Four years ago in London, opened its first swimming center for babies London Baby Swim, whose owner Phil Shaw at the end of each course holds a special underwater photo shoot their young students. As is known, up to about 9 months in a child reflex triggered custom overlapping airways, once it is under water, so that it instinctively breathless. According to Shaw and his associates, swimming lessons, including underwater, develop the cardiovascular system, motor skills and overall beneficial effect on children. Make a picture is not easy, but with 10 years of experience of underwater photography for Phil is not a problem.
Beautiful, lovely and magical images simply by looking at who is convinced of the fact that you can learn from the cradle the beauty of life.
Swim baby

Swim baby

Swim baby