Places that must be visited while you are alive

Travel - it's a great way to break the rhythm of the ill-fated affairs and duties, replacing the usual emotions bright and fresh impressions; priceless acquire new knowledge and to overcome writer's block.
Monotonous sitting in the office, traffic, lack of sleep, prolonged cold - rapidly reinforce the idea of ​​the holiday, giving rise to the head of dreams and plans for travel.
It should be noted that every year less and less tourism stays in the status and prestige of the fashion culture, and becomes an opportunity for cultural and spiritual development. Many people do not choose the place according to the principle "that was not ashamed to tell a friend", but the real gems are selected for their souls.
In this interesting world, there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful, amazing places. Often, the most interesting sites and attractions are very far away. Take AdMe.ru with a fascinating tour of the top ten most beautiful and unusual places in the world. And let this be a virtual journey, but maybe that's it in the future will inspire real.

"Tunnel of Love" Klevan, Ukraine
"Tunnel of Love" in Klevan called a natural fence of trees and bushes that grew over the railroad tracks near the station "Klevan" very unusual way. At some point, the authorities have stopped prune trees, and thick crown formed a makeshift grotto. So, if you are in love, then travel to the "Tunnel of Love" together. And beware of the train, because in spite of the rumors that w / d has no effect on the picture, there is a train on the network.

Island in the form of a heart, Queensland, Australia

Pink Lake Retba, Senegal
The unusual coloring Retba acquired for several reasons. First, in the waters of the lake a lot of salt. Its concentration is about 40%. Second, the microorganisms living there are red because produce a special pigment to absorb the sun's rays. This bacteria is called Dunaliella salina. These are what allow the lake to have such an unusual coloring.

Mont Aiguille, France

The Valley of the Fallen, the Guadarrama mountains, Spain

Lake Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Hang Son Dung, Vietnam
The biggest cave in the world. According to the researchers, in an underground cave hall room enough even for a 40-story skyscraper.

The most dangerous hiking trail in the world of "El Caminito del Rey", Spain
The trail is a narrow, curved path, just meters wide; attached to score in relief of iron girders. Sometimes it is the place of death of tourists.

Golden stone mountain Chayttiyo, Burma
Gold stone in Burma - a vivid example of balancing, it is located on the edge of the mountain and five hundred kilometers, it seems, is about to fall down, because it can even be a little shake! However, this does not occur for nearly nine centuries. The fact that the stone defies the law of gravity Buddhists have found for the sign, covered it with gold, and built on top of the pagoda.

Kotor Bay, Montenegro, Croatia
The largest bay on the Adriatic Sea.

Huanglong, northwest of Sichuan Province, China

Monasteries "Meteora", Greece

Devil's Mountain, Wyoming, USA
Devil's Mountain has always intrigued human irrationality of its appearance among the plains that stretch there are not one hundred kilometers. It is natural that in ancient times, and sometimes these days for the locals was a rock idol, who ought to worship, and many even feared for a long time to stand next to the Tower of the Devil, because at the very top of the rock is not seen strange and inexplicable glow .

Underground River in Puerto Princesa, Philippines

The Great Ocean Road, the south-west coast of Victoria, Australia

Horizontal Falls, Talbot Bay, Australia
Waterfall in Talbot Bay falls more in the horizontal than in the vertical direction. In this case a couple of times a day it changes its course of flow. Nearby there is another similar waterfall. However, it is not as majestic and fast. However, these two miracles of nature are the only ones on the planet waterfalls that flow into the horizontal direction.

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