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Tiny towns

These gorgeous quaint little town can be considered one of the best places on the planet. They look like illustrations of the tale, fascinating and seem completely unrealistic. The only question that arises is: which one to visit first?

Yangshuo, China
Tiny towns Yangshuo, China

Burano, Italy
 Tiny towns Burano, Italy
Dazha, China
Tiny towns Dazha, China


I want to Ireland

Ireland - a celebration. And not just because of the ineffable beauty of bays, inlets, islands, valleys and cliffs. It is also the country's unique history, culture and mythology. Here from all breathes freedom, and each castle, marshes, mills and a path has its own mystery and legend, which awed whisper passed on from generation to generation. 
The nature of the "Emerald Isle" is created for lovers of solitude. The harsh climate, even in summer when the cold winds blow, lonely cliffs, wild expanses of counties and rebellious waves of the Atlantic did not attract crowds of beach tourists. 
However, wishing to relax to the fullest also not be disappointed - for them to always open the doors of Dublin's famous pubs, in which, perhaps, can go missing. 

I want to Ireland
Rock of Cashel - the ancient residence of the kings of Ireland for several hundred years before the Norman invasion. 

I want to Ireland
Rope Bridge Carrick-a-Rede. 

I want to Ireland
Rainbow near the Cliffs of Moher on the Atlantic coast. 

Advertising campaign for 4000 meters in the Alps

For its advertising campaign the Swiss brand of clothing and equipment for climbing Mammut invited climbers from around the world. The task was to climb the north face of "four thousander" (mountain height of 4000 meters) of the Eiger in the Alps. Chosen for the filming of the photographer Robert Bosch. He did not just conquer the highest peaks of the world, to make great pictures.
Advertising campaign for 4000 meters in the Alps

Advertising campaign for 4000 meters in the Alps

Advertising campaign for 4000 meters in the Alps


20 the ideal places for solitude

Sometimes you just want to throw away a laptop, turn off the phone and be alone with yourself and nature. It is desirable in some beautiful secluded location on the edge of the world.
This material has been collected 20 beautiful places in different parts of our planet that would fit perfectly in order to relax your body and soul from the bustle of the big city.
Mountains, sea, standing alone beacons on the rocks or green valley - there are examples here for every taste. Take a trip back to your vacation, and if it is not soon put a picture on your desktop, let it warm your soul and pleases the eye.

20 the ideal places for solitude

20 the ideal places for solitude

20 the ideal places for solitude


Infinite pool

Imagine a pool, the edge of which goes directly into the ocean or merges with the horizon, creating the illusion of infinity. Their borders fit neatly into the environment and the natural landscape , literally dissolving into space and striking imagination.
The idea of such pools originated in France - they were used in the construction of the famous Versailles fountains. Today infinity pools boast only the most expensive resorts and hotels in the world, since their construction - quite expensive pleasure. But perhaps you can give everything to once in your life to be in that pool.

Infinite pool

Infinite pool

Infinite pool


27 causes to sit in the aircraft near the window

There are many reasons to ask at the airport when registering a window seat, but the most important - it is, of course, spectacular views. 
World top looks much better than we can imagine it. 

Here you can see such a storm from afar.
27 causes to sit in the aircraft near the window

A solar eclipse at an altitude of 13,411 feet - this is something something ... 
27 causes to sit in the aircraft near the window

From the look of the highest point in Africa will leave you breathless. 
27 causes to sit in the aircraft near the window

In Japan sakura blossomed

It is truly a stunner. 
From late March to early April hundreds of trees covered with white and pinkish-white flowers, turning Japan into a prosperous country. Sakura every year, like a magnet, attracts thousands of people wanting to enjoy this amazing spectacle of beauty. Cherry blossom only lasts a few days. 
Japanese botanists report that this year's cherry blossom prematurely due to the warm winter. So, it's time to drop everything and go to admire the flowers.
In Japan sakura blossomed

In Japan sakura blossomed

In Japan sakura blossomed


The most beautiful tunnels in the world

I want to pass on them or stop gaping.
Nature is beautiful, but there is nothing more magical than being under the trees as a living tunnel. Whether it formed naturally or with a little help of talented gardeners corridor of trees will enchant everyone lucky enough to walk under its green branches.

Dark hedges, Northern Ireland
The most beautiful tunnels in the world
© Stephen Emerson
The most beautiful tunnels in the world
© Christopher Tait
Mysterious tunnel from Northern Ireland as if descended from the cover of an old book. James Stewart beeches planted back in the 18th century to impress your guests at the entrance to his house Greyskhil.

Road to Halnaker, UK
The most beautiful tunnels in the world
© Sam Moore
This truly is a fabulous tunnel near the town Halnaker, Sussex, England. It is incredibly popular with photographers, which is not surprising.


Best street art

The whole world as a blank canvas . Work from the streets of breathtaking .
Among the best - simple and complex , funny and scary , provocative and contain a special meaning. We have tried to cover the whole spectrum of incredible street art and show it to you .
Richmond , USA. Etam Cru

Bristol , United Kingdom. Cosmo Sarson. Christ - breaker

Moscow . Maya Plisetskaya on the wall at Dmitrovka , 16.
The work of renowned Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra .

Take my hand and follow me

Mysterious Stranger is holding you by the hand, and leads the matter where , because it's beautiful . This is an unusual, exciting and infinitely beautiful project, "Follow me," Murad Haussmann, executive producer of the studio Hype Production.
Murad lives and works in Moscow, as well as traveling the world with his girlfriend Natalia and shares with us these stunning photographs.

Alhambra, Granada, Southern Spain


Guardians of Anubis, Singapore

The most beautiful places on Earth

Moving around the planet, you begin to feel alive and full of energy, and going back to work - head buzzing from the thoughts and ideas. New places and by the very nature of the masterpieces of beauty inspire and help to escape from the daily professional routine. Enough to take a week or two vacation and just go, watch and listen.
And if you can not live to travel, you can take a virtual tour of the most beautiful places on the planet. Traditionally tourists choose to visit the most hyped places. A less known or inaccessible natural and architectural attractions visited by only a few. Although some of them are definitely worth a visit at least once in their lives.

The slope of the Coyote Buttes, Arizona

Preachers Rock, Pulpit, Norway

Blue Caves - Zakynthos, Greece

Places that must be visited while you are alive

Travel - it's a great way to break the rhythm of the ill-fated affairs and duties, replacing the usual emotions bright and fresh impressions; priceless acquire new knowledge and to overcome writer's block.
Monotonous sitting in the office, traffic, lack of sleep, prolonged cold - rapidly reinforce the idea of ​​the holiday, giving rise to the head of dreams and plans for travel.
It should be noted that every year less and less tourism stays in the status and prestige of the fashion culture, and becomes an opportunity for cultural and spiritual development. Many people do not choose the place according to the principle "that was not ashamed to tell a friend", but the real gems are selected for their souls.
In this interesting world, there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful, amazing places. Often, the most interesting sites and attractions are very far away. Take with a fascinating tour of the top ten most beautiful and unusual places in the world. And let this be a virtual journey, but maybe that's it in the future will inspire real.

"Tunnel of Love" Klevan, Ukraine
"Tunnel of Love" in Klevan called a natural fence of trees and bushes that grew over the railroad tracks near the station "Klevan" very unusual way. At some point, the authorities have stopped prune trees, and thick crown formed a makeshift grotto. So, if you are in love, then travel to the "Tunnel of Love" together. And beware of the train, because in spite of the rumors that w / d has no effect on the picture, there is a train on the network.

Island in the form of a heart, Queensland, Australia


The unique fountains of the world

The architecture is fascinating. Examine and consider unusual buildings, bridges, amazing, astounding sculptures can watch as a living traveling the world and the photos. Among other architectural and design wonders of interest are the fountains. After all, as you know, the water flow can watch endlessly.
The most outstanding fountains are the sights and visiting cards of the city or even country. In St. Petersburg, it is certainly the Grand Cascade of Peterhof.
This unique fountain construction near St. Petersburg. Ensemble of Grand Cascade fountains are 64 to 142 at the same time emit jets of water. Decorate stage 37 statues, bas-reliefs 29 and more than 150 small decorative ornaments.

The light and music, dancing and singing, the oldest in the style of Art Nouveau - a collection of the most beautiful fountains of the world is constantly increasing. And if you do not have to travel around the world to look at them, then see our review. presents a selection of interesting fountains that is ever seen with my own eyes.