Social advertising against smoking

In addition to protecting the environment and drinking and driving, social advertising is often devoted to the danger and harm of smoking. We offer you the prints and photographs nicotine "guerrilla" social advertising.


The best father in the world

Photographer Dave Engledou few years creates an ironic series of portraits of his young daughter. 
If you look in the family archive, each of us finds approximately the same set of baby pictures here we are in bed, that's on the pot, that's in the hands of moms and dads ... A daughter of the American photographer Dave Engledou clearly be one of the most original albums of children in the world. 
The fact that Dave from birth baby Alice Bee creates photo series "The best father in the world", where the characters are himself and his daughter. Since the photographer has a very peculiar sense of humor, image superpapochki he gets very substandard.

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