Beautiful people Paralympic Games 2014

International Women's Day unfairly overshadowed in the news reports about Paralympic competitions. But it is the athletes who now serve in the winter disciplines demonstrate the incredible power of the spirit of the people do not stop the external circumstances. All these people are beautiful and strong, and we have much to learn from them. 
Each of the people in these photographs - the hero, and therefore the most beautiful shots Paralympic Winter Games. 

March Zainullina (Russia), Biathlon 
Beautiful people Paralympic Games 2014

Vasily Varlakov (Russia), Hockey 
Beautiful people Paralympic Games 2014

Stefania Jalloh (USA), Cross-country skiing 
Beautiful people Paralympic Games 2014


People with low vision

Photographer Jamie Beck and Motion designer Kevin Burg used a relatively new kind of visual art, which they also invented. Image - photos and video, but something in between.
Photos on small changes that pay attention to the details of the viewer, and the main frame remains stationary. In a series of pictures "Looking at New York through my glasses" one can see how bright the world becomes, if you have good points.

If you wear glasses, then you know just how accurate these cinemagraphs are.

But, as soon as the focus movies in front of the glasses, the world becomes crisp.

Using these spectacles in a cinemagraph is a brilliant idea.

When out of frame (literally) the world is a blur.

We've never seen NYC like this before.