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The best breakfasts of the world

In every country breakfasts can be so different.
What dishes prefer to use as a morning meal in different parts of the world decided to learn Philpot Victoria (Victoria Philpott), creating a project "50 best breakfast of the world." Friends from different countries sent her photos and recipes of their breakfast, of which Victoria was a kind of gastronomic world map. Now we have opened the possibility of a culinary journey to different corners of our planet. Bon appetit!
Breakfast in Turkey

Breakfast in France

Breakfast in the Philippines


Bageting - the new internet boom

Photos of mass tomfoolery with a baguette appeared in social networks.
Baguette around the head, as well as electric, bow, gun and tie. We have not gone mad, but not so on the Western internet users who come up for a new fun - bageting. Entertainment involves the use of a long French bread instead of household items, sports equipment, animals, children, or even body parts. The rules are simple: you need to replace the above-mentioned things freshly baked French baguette, take a photo and put it in a special blog.
The creators and participants of this fotobezumiya a mere amateur pictures with tomfoolery and professional actors and comedians. Among them, for example, actress Marcia Gay Harden, actor George Takei and others.