Social advertising against smoking

In addition to protecting the environment and drinking and driving, social advertising is often devoted to the danger and harm of smoking. We offer you the prints and photographs nicotine "guerrilla" social advertising.

" In the mouth pull the dirtiest bad" - inspire us from childhood . We, as children of obedience , obey , first get rid of the nipples , and then stop nibbling pencil disclaim lollipop for healthy teeth.
But there is one thing to hold the mouth is not shameful , on the contrary , many believe that it is quite prestigious and elegant habit .. Modern men are not thinking about the consequences , regularly pulling in his mouth ... cigarette.
Difficult to say exactly why the halo formed around smoking " prestige ." You can blame it on film, they regularly make various Health Organization. Just position is not completely justified. Kinogeroi not smoke because it is honorable and prestigious , but because they want to show the dialectical nature of the character that it contains both positive and negative qualities . Another thing is that , for the most part , the audience perceive seen literally transferring the bad habits of the character in the category of inalienable attributes of smart, sexy men . It is strange , then , that James Bond is constantly drank cocktails martini is not considered alcohol propaganda , but his attraction to cigarette smoke fighters nations health vehemently condemned.
Saga Fleming's secret agent irrepressible womanizer , not the only example of the art, in which smoking is intricately intertwined with the image of a "real man." In the famous movie "Casablanca" , which became a classic of American cinema , the protagonist named Rick has not parted with cigarettes . But we need to be objective : there are many modern films in which smoking appears in its true film. Pretty young film with famous Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves ' Constantine . Lord of Darkness " quite clearly shows all the delights of attachment to tobacco. Find a heavy smoker than Constantine quite difficult. Once the first cigarette burns , his hand reaching for the next one, thought that would have to quit, do not attend it . He died of lung cancer. Yes, it's funny that the realities of life most accurately reflected in the fantasy action film . Regardless of the quality of the films , one can say for sure: the youth after viewing this film wondering about their habits . Enough to read the review, every second writes that the harm of smoking suddenly became his topical theme.
In pursuit of fashion sometimes lose such important things as health and wellness . At a certain stage to part with attachment to cigarettes rather difficult for a smoker to experience an easy way to quit smoking is becoming an unattainable dream . So maybe it is easier not to start?

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