The reverse side of a mother's love

It is believed that any, even the most delicate, nurturing child deforms. The question is how much.
Of course, people can not survive outside of society - we need to bring the children their ideals, knowledge and experience, to teach them to live in this world alone and to cope with external challenges. But the man who still did not deal with their problems, it is extremely difficult to keep a balance in education. As a result, the problems of our parents (which they are not guilty) reflected on us, it leaves a mark on the education of our children, and they have added to the baggage their unresolved issues and send them down the chain. Paradoxically, this often happens with the best intentions: because " it would be better for you", "I know what I say" and "do not repeat my mistakes". But the fact is that a child should be allowed to just do their mistakes and leave room for free will. Photographer Anna Radchenko explores this question in a project dedicated to maternal love, which sometimes becomes phantasmagoric and not similar to love. Photos cause ambiguous feelings, grotesque imagery and exaggeration make the idea clear and often - repulsive. Here are visualized, unfortunately, typical psychological problems in the relationship between mothers and children: unrealized wishes of parents  excessive strictness, total control and overprotection.