The unique fountains of the world

The architecture is fascinating. Examine and consider unusual buildings, bridges, amazing, astounding sculptures can watch as a living traveling the world and the photos. Among other architectural and design wonders of interest are the fountains. After all, as you know, the water flow can watch endlessly.
The most outstanding fountains are the sights and visiting cards of the city or even country. In St. Petersburg, it is certainly the Grand Cascade of Peterhof.
This unique fountain construction near St. Petersburg. Ensemble of Grand Cascade fountains are 64 to 142 at the same time emit jets of water. Decorate stage 37 statues, bas-reliefs 29 and more than 150 small decorative ornaments.

The light and music, dancing and singing, the oldest in the style of Art Nouveau - a collection of the most beautiful fountains of the world is constantly increasing. And if you do not have to travel around the world to look at them, then see our review.
AdMe.ru presents a selection of interesting fountains that is ever seen with my own eyes.

Fountain Boat
This original fountain is located in Valencia. In form it mimics the boat, sail and hull which are made of water jets.

Fountain Charybdis (Charybdis Vortex Fountain) created by the architect and the "water of the artist" by William Pye and is located near Seaham Hall in Sunderland, UK.

Fountain Swarovski
Marks the entrance to the museum in Austria, Swarovski crystals and is made in the form of a giant. His eyes are made of green crystals and a waterfall rushes down from the mouth.

Mercurial fountain
Instead of water, it flows mercury in memory of the victims of Spanish miners extracting it. Was first demonstrated in 1937, and after a poisonous mercury and mercury vapor has been proven, a fountain imprisoned in a glass "sarcophagus." Mercury fountain is located in Barcelona in the Joan Miró Museum.

Under the rain
Fountain sculpture in the shape of a man under an umbrella can be seen in the botanical gardens of St Kilda in Australia.

Magic Faucet - it is an illusion, creating the impression that the crane is hanging in the air. Indeed, the trick tube which is inside the water stream.

Fountain Volcano
Famous landmark in the UAE capital. Inside the fountain is illuminated in orange, giving the impression of lava erupting from the crater.

Horace Dodge Fountain
Fountain, named in honor of one of the company's founder Dodge. Located in Detroit, Michigan.

Fountain 'The Dragon'
One of the most beautiful on the planet "Fountain of the Dragon", located in the Italian town of Tivoli, was built in 1572, the year. And is the ancestor of many fountains around the world.

The Dubai Fountain
Dubai Fountain - by far the largest and most costly fountain in the world. The height of its jets up to 150 meters. 50 Fountain illuminated with colored spotlights and 6,000 light sources.

Fountain "Bellagio"
Dancing Fountain «Bellagio» is located in Las vegase.Kazhdy evening fountain dancing to the music of renowned opera and popular singers. 1,175 jets of water 80 meters high, 4500 backlight and $ 40 million for its creation.

Jet d'Eau
One of the tallest fountains in the world. The height of 140 meters, and the water ejection speed of 200 km / h Although the fountain is illuminated at night, most of it is impressive thanks to the huge rainbows in the afternoon playing in the sun.

Wandering fountain
Surreal fountain in the shape of cubes, hanging in the air, designed by designer Isamu Noguchi and is located in Osaka, Japan.

"Fountain of the rainbow" - the world's longest fountain (length - 1140 m). The bridge connects the two banks of the river Hanshi in the South Korean city of Seoul. The music, lit with colored LEDs jet of water moving, performing a beautiful dance.

Fountain "Rain of Love"
Located in the center of the Turkish city of Kemer. Dancing figures are rotated on the stand and out of the hands of a woman pouring water jet.

Fountain "Free Quebec"
Author fountain Canadian sculptor Armand Vaillancourt. The fountain is located in San Francisco.

Fountain 71
This spectacular fountain located on Route 71, Ohio, United States of America.

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