Bageting - the new internet boom

Photos of mass tomfoolery with a baguette appeared in social networks.
Baguette around the head, as well as electric, bow, gun and tie. We have not gone mad, but not so on the Western internet users who come up for a new fun - bageting. Entertainment involves the use of a long French bread instead of household items, sports equipment, animals, children, or even body parts. The rules are simple: you need to replace the above-mentioned things freshly baked French baguette, take a photo and put it in a special blog.
The creators and participants of this fotobezumiya a mere amateur pictures with tomfoolery and professional actors and comedians. Among them, for example, actress Marcia Gay Harden, actor George Takei and others.


Beastly masterpieces of National Geographic

The magazine «National Geographic Traveler» holds 25th annual photo contest, collecting the most interesting shots of the animal world.
Photographers from around the world compete in four categories, but the most interesting are the photos of many animals. Anyone with a camera can capture animals in their natural environment and win a 10-day trip to the Galapagos. And while hundreds of photos from around the world fill up the collection of the contest, the editors already chosen the most vivid footage. "In the last few years, the quality of images sent to us has improved markedly. Pictures reflect not only embodied the moment, but also a special way of seeing wildlife, making the judging process enormously complicated. We invite photographers to send in their work and compete with the best, "- said the chief editor of the magazine National Geographic Chris Jones.

"Two newly hatched chicks."
Richard Sidey

Holidaymaker kangaroo
"God, Louise ... This cookie was awesome. "
Graham McGeorge

"Hummingbird drinks water out of his mouth a man in a severe drought."
Sandell Larsen


Impossible Photo by Erik Johansson

Photo artist Erik Johansson with Photoshop turns your pictures into intricate illusion.
Professional photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson from Sweden lives and works in Berlin. Inspired by the works of Salvador Dali, Escher and Rob Gonsalves, he creates amazing pictures. His photo manipulation by using a graphical editor of sobstvenoruchno photos taken, make wider look at things and realize that the world around is limited only by the scope of our imagination.
Waiting for winter

Electric guitar



Photos of Earth from space

Case observe the Earth from space falls very few lucky ones. So, we heartily thank the astronauts, NASA and the European Space Agency, and, in the event that one of their number is reading this - we are once again talking to you our sincere "thank you"! After all, before these types we could watch only movies made at the studios of Hollywood. But these are the real photos. 
Photos of Earth from space

"We are open to you the sunny side of life" - the slogan of tour operators entice tourists to the Maldives. Well, from the window of the International Space Station, they do look amazing. So, order a cocktail with umbrella and fruit slices in a glass, and let's go on a hammock to just relax while watching an amazing sunset? 
Photos of Earth from space

Pacific Ocean, Hawaii 
Aloha! We are approaching the Hawaiian Islands. The Big Island can be seen very clearly. Kilauea is known as "the world's only volcano road." Now he makes 250-650 thousand yards of lava per day. That's enough to fill a two-lane highway 32 kilometers long. 
Photos of Earth from space


The unique fountains of the world

The architecture is fascinating. Examine and consider unusual buildings, bridges, amazing, astounding sculptures can watch as a living traveling the world and the photos. Among other architectural and design wonders of interest are the fountains. After all, as you know, the water flow can watch endlessly.
The most outstanding fountains are the sights and visiting cards of the city or even country. In St. Petersburg, it is certainly the Grand Cascade of Peterhof.
This unique fountain construction near St. Petersburg. Ensemble of Grand Cascade fountains are 64 to 142 at the same time emit jets of water. Decorate stage 37 statues, bas-reliefs 29 and more than 150 small decorative ornaments.

The light and music, dancing and singing, the oldest in the style of Art Nouveau - a collection of the most beautiful fountains of the world is constantly increasing. And if you do not have to travel around the world to look at them, then see our review.
AdMe.ru presents a selection of interesting fountains that is ever seen with my own eyes.