Beastly masterpieces of National Geographic

The magazine «National Geographic Traveler» holds 25th annual photo contest, collecting the most interesting shots of the animal world.
Photographers from around the world compete in four categories, but the most interesting are the photos of many animals. Anyone with a camera can capture animals in their natural environment and win a 10-day trip to the Galapagos. And while hundreds of photos from around the world fill up the collection of the contest, the editors already chosen the most vivid footage. "In the last few years, the quality of images sent to us has improved markedly. Pictures reflect not only embodied the moment, but also a special way of seeing wildlife, making the judging process enormously complicated. We invite photographers to send in their work and compete with the best, "- said the chief editor of the magazine National Geographic Chris Jones.

"Two newly hatched chicks."
Richard Sidey

Holidaymaker kangaroo
"God, Louise ... This cookie was awesome. "
Graham McGeorge

"Hummingbird drinks water out of his mouth a man in a severe drought."
Sandell Larsen

"Master of Disguise. This is a clear example of the best skills of these birds. You need to have good eyesight to calculate these little predatory eyes. "
Graham McGeorge

"Desert Fox is running against the wind in Morocco."
Francis Mignorans

Curious whale shark
"Meeting with a whale shark in the sea. Philippines. "
Jonne Seydzhel

A mother's love
"I was surprised by the attention that bonobos have their young. They are really beautiful. "
Graham McGeorge

Sea lion
"Sea lion on the Pacific coast of Oregon."
Gary Miges

Under the rain
"This picture was taken during my vacation in South Carolina. It was a dull rainy day, until I came across this alligator. "
Candace Stroup

"A group of 12-14 hyenas chasing a herd of elephants, among whom was a baby elephant. The hyenas were trying to catch him, but the angry mother quickly defend themselves. "
Jay Meksta

Dangerous Game
"I have been traveling to Asia for the past six months, and most of all I was surprised the Tigers. Simply amazing the speed with which they move. A moment ago, I took this picture, and they are already thinking what I tasted! "
Daniel Sakal

"Puffins are very sociable birds."
Steve Kohls
King of the Hill

"The American bison. Montana. "
Mark Mesenko

"I saw alligators and turtles in the pond together before, but never suspected that this can happen!"
Mary Ellen Urbanski

"Early in the spring you can find them at the base of the dam in Jordan. I love photographing wildlife, these birds have a special place in my heart. "
Brad Lenir

Horned gazelle
"Horned gazelle looking at the camera at the right time. National Reserve Masai Mara, Kenya. "
Kelly Reyfshtenzel

"A bat in flight with a baby. Israel ".
Dzhilayd Guy

A great white shark
"A great white shark attacked with such force that even jumped out of the water. Gansbaai in South Africa - one of the few places in the world where sharks tend to such behavior. "
Thomas Pepper

"Two faced vulture in equal fight."
Majid Ali

"Young competes with the head of a lioness pride. Alpha male was standing still and the lioness had to leave. "
Eric Bailey

"Heron flaunts and shows their luxurious feathers."
Mary Grächen Kaplan

Old Dog Dingo
"I met this dog when wandering in the Australian zoo. I looked at this calm and peaceful person who has left an indelible mark on my heart. "
Leonie Grbic

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