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The best photos of the century

A collection of iconic images of the last 100 years that demonstrate grief of loss and the triumph of the human spirit.
Photography, always left and will not leave an indelible mark on the soul of every person. Many photographers have achieved what they can still achieve no cinematographer - is a perpetual memory imprinting those split seconds that shocked the world and turned, got to experience the feelings, smile and even shudder at the very world in which we are all with you live.
Photographer for the Day, which is celebrated today, July 12, we selected the 40 most powerful photos of the century that best demonstrate the losses and triumphs of humanity.

Australian kisses his Canadian girlfriend. Canadians rioted after the Vancouver Canucks sports team lost the Stanley Cup.

Three sisters, three "segments" of time, three photos.

Two legendary captain Bobby Moore and Pele exchanging shirts as a sign of respect. FIFA World Cup 1970.

Father and son

You will surely agree that there is nothing more touching and endlessly endearing than the relationship of father and child. The moment when the strong, brutal men, one look that can silence the many walking hand in hand with the little son, taking him in his arms, learn to tie shoelaces, give the date and do not be afraid, cause the heart to beat faster.
June 16 in many countries around the world celebrated Father's Day. This is the same day when we can recall the most important man in our lives, our father, we are grateful for all that he has done for us: for our lives, for the magical childhood memories for a sense of security while sitting on his lap, for fairy tales at bedtime, and for the support.
Father and son

Father and son

Father and son

Underground reading

There are times when the book can tell a lot about a person.
For several years Urit Ben-Haim pictures of passengers reading the New York subway. It is here that live and coexist with each other, people not only of different looks and social status, but also with a variety of readers' tastes. About the preferences of ordinary Americans in the literature and described in the project photographer. After reviewing dozens of photos, you will be surprised at the hands of the people of New York works of some Russian classics: Tolstoy, Nabokov, Bulgakov, Dostoevsky, and even Harms.
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The reverse side of a mother's love

It is believed that any, even the most delicate, nurturing child deforms. The question is how much.
Of course, people can not survive outside of society - we need to bring the children their ideals, knowledge and experience, to teach them to live in this world alone and to cope with external challenges. But the man who still did not deal with their problems, it is extremely difficult to keep a balance in education. As a result, the problems of our parents (which they are not guilty) reflected on us, it leaves a mark on the education of our children, and they have added to the baggage their unresolved issues and send them down the chain. Paradoxically, this often happens with the best intentions: because " it would be better for you", "I know what I say" and "do not repeat my mistakes". But the fact is that a child should be allowed to just do their mistakes and leave room for free will. Photographer Anna Radchenko explores this question in a project dedicated to maternal love, which sometimes becomes phantasmagoric and not similar to love. Photos cause ambiguous feelings, grotesque imagery and exaggeration make the idea clear and often - repulsive. Here are visualized, unfortunately, typical psychological problems in the relationship between mothers and children: unrealized wishes of parents  excessive strictness, total control and overprotection.


Social advertising against smoking

In addition to protecting the environment and drinking and driving, social advertising is often devoted to the danger and harm of smoking. We offer you the prints and photographs nicotine "guerrilla" social advertising.


The best father in the world

Photographer Dave Engledou few years creates an ironic series of portraits of his young daughter. 
If you look in the family archive, each of us finds approximately the same set of baby pictures here we are in bed, that's on the pot, that's in the hands of moms and dads ... A daughter of the American photographer Dave Engledou clearly be one of the most original albums of children in the world. 
The fact that Dave from birth baby Alice Bee creates photo series "The best father in the world", where the characters are himself and his daughter. Since the photographer has a very peculiar sense of humor, image superpapochki he gets very substandard.

All lengths 

Creative approach to accounting 


Bageting - the new internet boom

Photos of mass tomfoolery with a baguette appeared in social networks.
Baguette around the head, as well as electric, bow, gun and tie. We have not gone mad, but not so on the Western internet users who come up for a new fun - bageting. Entertainment involves the use of a long French bread instead of household items, sports equipment, animals, children, or even body parts. The rules are simple: you need to replace the above-mentioned things freshly baked French baguette, take a photo and put it in a special blog.
The creators and participants of this fotobezumiya a mere amateur pictures with tomfoolery and professional actors and comedians. Among them, for example, actress Marcia Gay Harden, actor George Takei and others.