Mirror remembers everything

"The tragedy of old age is not that a person is aging, and that he remains young soul" Oscar Wilde
That's why every year it becomes harder and harder to look at yourself in the mirror and put up with the way your body changes. As it becomes weak and flabby. And in my heart that you are still young and beautiful, full of energy and life goes on.
Photographer Tom Hussey created from Dallas touched a chord with photo series in which older people look at themselves in the mirror and see the reflection of himself in his youth.
It's very simple and .... fleeting, is not it? Once each of us will feel like a hero of such a series.


Wengen in Wonderland

Photographer sent her kid to the world of sweet childhood dreams
Interestingly, babies have dreams? Mother of three boys Queenie Liao sure see. They dream of a bright colored tales and fascinating journey. When her youngest son sleeps Wengen, the photographer creates from toys, clothes and all that is at hand home decoration to your pictures. The project is called "Wengen in Wonderland" and carries the sleeping baby in his mother invented a fabulous adventure. Similar pictures previously done and the other mother Adele Enersen and her project "While the baby sleeps". But as wonderful and talented as it redone. A fantasy mother is simply amazing.

Best street art

The whole world as a blank canvas . Work from the streets of breathtaking .
Among the best - simple and complex , funny and scary , provocative and contain a special meaning. We have tried to cover the whole spectrum of incredible street art and show it to you .
Richmond , USA. Etam Cru

Bristol , United Kingdom. Cosmo Sarson. Christ - breaker

Moscow . Maya Plisetskaya on the wall at Dmitrovka , 16.
The work of renowned Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra .

Severe everyday life of photographer

The hard work of the photographer. Only those who photographs the photographers know that.

This lens weighs 16 kg. Commands respect!

Master of Disguise

Photographer plow like a horse

Take my hand and follow me

Mysterious Stranger is holding you by the hand, and leads the matter where , because it's beautiful . This is an unusual, exciting and infinitely beautiful project, "Follow me," Murad Haussmann, executive producer of the studio Hype Production.
Murad lives and works in Moscow, as well as traveling the world with his girlfriend Natalia and shares with us these stunning photographs.

Alhambra, Granada, Southern Spain


Guardians of Anubis, Singapore

Paintings on the sand

Instead of brushes - a rake instead of colors - sand. Perhaps this is all you need to sand art masters to create their work .
Summer - the perfect time for beach lovers . And while the rest are tourists and toil of doing nothing at resorts already being brilliant artists create their works . Coming at low tide, they spent hours on end is carried by the water, painting a mysterious patterns along the coast. Each pad like a huge canvas on which to carefully loom large paintings, which are visible only from the bird's flight.
These beautiful geometric patterns do not last very long , they are quickly washed away by the waves or trampled surfers and other lovers stroll on the beach. But then a fleeting moment that will last picture, leave a mark in the heart of every lover of this art. Art for art's sake .

Tony Plant
Tony Plant - original English artist who creates drawings in the sand for over 20 years. At work, he uses only his hands and a rake , and in spite of this , the creation of this website look like aliens have landed here .
Paintings on the sand

Paintings on the sand

Paintings on the sand

Look, a rainbow in the sky!

Rainbow wonderful. His appearance they give us direct sea of joy, when we were kids hanging out of the windows of homes, offices and cars to get a better look this elusive phenomenon of nature. It is impossible to predict exactly when a rainbow appeared, so they are always in such a small miracle in our daily lives. Like all beautiful, rainbow fickle, so transfer all their wonderful photos to very difficult.